GJB Engineering, Inc. and

Community Association Engineering

a Northern Virginia site civil engineering firm celebrating its 21st year specializing

in land development and community association civil engineering
is offering unique opportunities for career positions within its organization

About our firm

We believe that the "infill" market for small, specialized clientele such as redevelopment, small projects and community association maintenance and infrastructure consulting will continue to remain extremely strong, largely irrespective of the national economic cycle.  As a firm entering our 20th year, we are committed to being one of the top specialized custom site civil engineering firms in the County for that work.  And to do so successfully and profitably, it is essential to have an experienced and motivated staff.  Thus we seek candidates who wants a challenge and a more flexible and independent working environment that want to constantly challenge themselves to do better, both for themselves as well as the firm and their clients.

Our work load remains strong due to our niche market which we have with small clients and community associations in the Northern Virginia area.  Thus, people who come to work at GJB are brought on with an eye for the long term - not for short term workload remediation.  Our independent and flexible work environment is very unique in the Washington Metro area engineering industry.

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and no contract, implied or expressed, is formed by the agreement to hire.  Not all positions
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